Adrian Suter

animation — motion graphics — compositing

During his last 12 years of professional experience in Switzerland, Adrian Suter has been working for various production companies - predominantly in the advertising industry but also for corporate image, broadcast design and film. He has spent the last four years working self employed and as a freelancer successfully. During his twelve years of work he has created various 2D and 3D animations, from the simple spinning of a Logo to motion graphics, technical animations, camera animations and complex character animations. The scale of most of these projects required him to develop skills in various other fields of which he enjoys concept design, art direction, creative direction, compositing, computer simulation and visual effects the most.

In every project he involves himself in, he tries to push his own limits to develop new skills and to find a unique style of design and animation.

Adrian Suter recently moved his home base to the inspiring city of Tokyo in beautiful Japan.